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Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Thursday Morning Class will continue thru the year. Come join us. Your can sign up for a month or a day. $25.00 per lesson

Every Thursday 9:30 AM  to 12:30 


Connie & Donna

Patricia, Donna, Marily, Sally & Lucille
Patricia, Donna, Marilyn, Sally & Lucille
Sally & Jennifer
Penny, Nancy,  & Connie

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Artist Nook Class on Thursdays. Subject Flowers

                                   Donna painting her magnolia                                        Demo


                                                           Nancy working on her sunflower

Connie painting her Amaryllis Flowers

 Connie's finished Amaryllis
Penny doing a Bird, Can't wait to see the finished painting

The class room at the Artist Nook

My Friday Class, Ocean Waves and Beach Scenes. I think these two students have done a great job capturing the waves.

 Marilynn's Beach Scene (unfinished)

 Kendra's Finished Beach Scene

Kendra's 2nd Ocean Waves Scene

Sally's Demos of Still Water Reflections